Faces of anger

Meet American citizens and experts from the series.

Anthony DiMaggio

Teaches at the University of Illinois. Is known for his sharp criticism of the conservative movement.


A conservative Republican, this young black woman is active in a party that has always been dominated by older white men. She is highly critical of Obama and runs the blog Conservative Black Chick.

Danita Kilcullen

Founder of the longest-running section of the Tea Party in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fiercely conservative, she thinks the government should stay out of citizens' lives.

David Azerrad

A researcher at The Heritage Foundation, a Washington think tank that has been inspiring conservative Americans for the past 40 years.


Made a name for himself in Washington ten years ago when he wrote the speeches of President Bush. A moderate Republican, he is concerned about the rising popularity of the Fox News network.

David Zychek

A blues-rock musician based in Waco, Texas. His music hearkens back to a simpler time, when the American dream was within hand's reach.

Derek Capo

Like many young Americans, Derek has lost faith in his country. Originally from Miami, he runs Next Step China, a small company he founded in Beijing in 2008.


A professor at Stony Brook University in New York. On the eve of the 2012 US elections, he is disappointed with Barack Obama's track record.

Erin Swenson

A coordinator at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank who sees a lot of working people struggling to make ends meet.


This French photographer has been documenting American political life for the past six years. His most recent project: an exposé of the role of money in American politics.


A political science professor at the University of Virginia, he is also a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. He believes the American right today is stronger and more articulate.

Jim Chilton

A rancher who lives in Arivaca, in southern Arizona. He estimates that tens of thousands of illegal immigrants pass through his land. Jim says out loud what a lot of Americans are thinking: that their country is being invaded.

John Parisella

Quebec's former delegate-general in New York who witnessed profound changes in the lives of average Americans.

Jonathan Collegio

He works with American Crossroads, an organization funded by a handful of billionaires. American Crossroads is the richest and most influential super PAC in the United States. It is seeking to propel the Republicans to power...

Kat Rodriguez

Director of the Coalición de Derechos Humanos (the Human Rights Coalition), a group based in Tucson, Arizona. She helps illegal immigrants defend their rights.

Kenneth R. Weinstein

President and CEO of the Hudson Institute. As a conservative, he was delighted to see the arrival of Fox News in the US media landscape, breaking the monopoly of left-wing media.

Martha Cain

Even with a full-time job, she has to go to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank , in Louisiana.

Mary Mann

A French teacher in a high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was deeply shocked by the bill put forward by Governor Scott Walker, which reduces the benefits of public sector employees and limits their bargaining power.

Michael James

A New York photographer who was involved in the Occupy movement from the beginning.

Nezar Hamze

Executive Director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization promoting Muslims' rights. His goal is to combat the Islamophobia he sees all around him.

Rita Jones

Writes patriotic songs for her neighbour and friend David Zychek, based in Waco, Texas. Rita describes herself as a proud—and angry—American.

Robert Greenwald

A former Hollywood producer, this left-wing activist left the big studios and now produces documentaries to counter the rise of the right.


The Executive Director of the Center for Responsive Politics (opensecrets.org), a nonpartisan group that tracks contributions made to political parties.

Sherry Hernandez

Hit by the real estate crisis and sharp rise in interest rates, the Hernandez family tried to switch lenders, but the company refused to terminate their contract.

Suzanne Guggenheim

She left France in 1982 after the election of Socialist president François Mitterrand. She is deeply involved in the Tea Party in Texas, where she has met people who share her values.

Thomas Frank

A well-known author and commentator, he fears that political paralysis will only lead to more economic chaos. His latest book is titled Pity the Billionaire.

Tom Trento

President of The United West, an organization defending Western civilization and a Judeo-Christian ideology. The group denounces and combats what it calls the Islamist threat in the United States.

Vanessa Williamson

A researcher at Harvard University who co-authored a book on the Tea Party.

William Cohan

He once worked on Wall Street and today is a journalist and financial analyst. He believes the Occupy Wall Street movement has no political clout.