On September 17, 2011, protestors from several US cities, including New York, held a “Day of Rage,” inspired by the Arab Spring and the Spanish indignados (“indignants”). They denounced social inequalities, low tax rates for the rich, and the excessive influence of money on politics. The area around Wall Street, the world’s biggest financial hub, drew a thousand demonstrators. The movement soon grew and expanded into dozens of cities.

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Income distribution
By the numbers
  • 413
    Number of billionaires
  • 3.1million
    Number of millionaires
  • 61billion
    Bill Gates' fortune
  • 46,2 million
    People under the poverty line (15.1 % of the population)
  • 22,314 $
    Poverty line for a family of four
  • 39,959 $
    Average salary
  • 50%
    of Americans earn less than $26,364 per year

Sources: World Wealth Report from Merrill Lynch and Capgemini, Forbes, Census Bureau (2010), Wall Street Journal, Institute for Policy Studies

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  • Occupy Wall Street In bleak economic times and with political deadlock, many Americans are sympathetic to the myriad of protesters who have become known as the 'occupiers' and who are trying to voice their disillusionment about a range of social, economic and political issues.